After months of hype, preparations and everything else, it was hard to believe that Gavz Boys 2016 was about to become a reality. Our vans were prepped, loaded and ready to go and the guys were so psyched when they saw the amazing job done by our design team, which created the custom rides that will take us on our incredible journey.


We kicked off Summer 2016 with an unbelievable BBQ/pool party in Lawrence, hosted by Meli Lipshitz. The guys were blown away by the hospitality and they feasted, swam and chilled. After enjoying a great time, we davened Maariv and hit the road, ready for one epic summer. 


Our first morning dawned quiet and pristine and we began our first full day of camp with a sunrise Shachris off the piers of the Delaware coast. From there we headed out to Nags Head, North Carolina where our guys had a blast surfing and boogie boarding.  The next day brought us to Kitty Hawk, the birthplace of aviation, and we challenged ourselves with our first hang gliding lesson, launching off the dunes of Jockey Ridge State Park, a truly memorable experience. Our guys made a huge kiddush Hashem and one of the guides told me that in all the time he has been there, he has never had anyone offer to carry the kites or ask the guides how their day was.  Every one of our guys thanked the guides for their hard work, which impressed them and made us very, very proud. All that just on day two - we can't wait to see our boys rise to the occasion again and again throughout the summer.


We rounded off the week with a visit to Fantasy Lake, where everyone enjoyed Tarzan swings, trapeze, and jump platforms.  Still, the best part of the day was the water volleyball game and seeing how the guys interacted and played together as a cohesive group.


As I sit here now at South of the Border, I look back on the week and feel really proud and privileged to be able to spend the summer with this special bunch of boys.  Every hotel, every activity, every stranger we have met so far has been overwhelmingly impressed with their spunk, unity, friendliness, and good-natured behavior. I am proud to say that I am a Gavz Boy 2016!


Moshe Frankel - Co-Director of Camp