We started our week not on Sunday but on Motzei Shabbos, at the home of the Katz family in Nocross,Georgia, with a beautiful kumzitz around the fire. The next morning we packed up our gear and headed off to conquer Stone Mountain, the world's largest hunk of exposed granite. We finished our climb with a barbecue (we do a lot of that, but hey, what guy doesn't love barbecue?) and the incredible Lasershow Spectacular, a not to be missed Atlanta tradition featuring music, lasers, fireworks and insane fire effects.


Monday brought us to Lake Altoona for some speed boating, tubing and serious chilling on a 35 foot doubledecker party boat.  While the day was full of energy, we shifted into a different mode come nightfall, singing and talking in the darkness, as we enjoyed the evening, the water, and of course, the fabulous camaraderie that makes Gavz Boyz what it is.


Next up? Petty John's Cave in Pigeon Mountain,Georgia.To say that the guys were psyched would be a major understatement. It was a challenging experience and we were all a little apprehensive, but once we got out our gear and dropped into a hole in the ground, we were in our groove, blown away by the subterranean world hidden beneath our feet. This was pretty serious business and there were moments where some of the guys had to overcome their fears and really push themselves to their limits. When we got to the cave, we sat in the dark and spoke about our camp's namesake, Gavriel Klatzco, about triumphing over our individual challenges, and about how a Jew is never alone. We also discussed the bond and the brotherhood that we have already forged in camp, and how that sense of unity is what got us through the cave, with everyone's helping each other out.


We bid a fond farewell to Georgia and headed north, finishing up our week sliding down the raging Turtleback Falls and bungee jumping in Pigeon Forge,Tennessee. While we have all been having a fabulous time, we have also been busy growing and contributing to the family that is Gavz Boyz.


Signing off from Pigeon Falls and wishing y'all a Good Shabbos!


Yoni Rosenblum - Co-Director of Camp