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Gavz Boyz provides an exciting camp experience for at risk teen boys who don’t thrive in a regular summer camp setting. An action packed travel camp with thrilling trips and activities are designed to keep our campers constantly on the move so that the program remains fresh and novel. Our trips are constructed to offer fun and excitement in a way that promotes bonding and team building while challenging fears and fostering self confidence and trust in others. The limited group size of 15 boys creates a sense of family that optimizes the program. Our carefully vetted staff undergo extensive mentor training are down to earth and easy to connect with.

A large part of camp is the building of a relationship between the staff and campers so that the campers have a network of support not only in the summer but for the long term. Our group discussions are designed to allow teens to explore their beliefs and feelings while our mentors focus on the individual, engaging in hours of one on one discussions with each camper focusing on behavior modification. These therapies are not done in an overt, session like setting, making them an effective technique for our campers as they may already spend much of their year in traditional therapy.

Having hosted over 500 campers, 90% of our campers are healthy members of society, holding down jobs, working, learning or engaging in other productive activities having regained control of their lives.

about Gavriel

There are those whose lives are like a star, radiating with a small, constant light. Then there are those whose presence in the world is more like that of a supernova — bursting with pure, brilliant light, but alas, for just a short time.

Rabbi Gavriel Eliyahu Klatzko ZT”l, known as “Rav Gav” by his myriad friends and admirers, was such a man. His story is one of inspiration and of a deep burning love for his fellow Jews, for Torah, and for life itself .He lit up our world for just a few short years, yet he left an indelible impact on the Jewish world at large and specifically within his community in South Africa. Rav Gav was born in Cleveland Ohio, a middle child in a large family. He spent many years studying in the U.S. and abroad during which time he displayed a remarkable compassion toward his fellow Jew .He had an undying quest for truth and meaning in life coupled with an enormous talent to empathize with and touch the lives of all who came into contact with him.

Rav Gav possessed the quality of true  ahavas Yisroel which characterized his personality, perhaps the most important trait required for any individual hoping to reach the disaffected masses . People would often open their hearts to him with their most private and intimate issues and he would take them to heart and act upon them with love and concern.

Rav Gav was at the center of all Klall activities. The home that he and his Aishes Chayil Yocheved built was one of enormous chesed and hachnosas orchim. Never a Shabbos nor a Yom Tov meal would go by without many guests surrounding their table, establishing relationships  that were  nurtured and treasured by both Rav Gav  and his new “best friends” alike.

Rav Gav served as  a  Rebbe in Ohr Samayach and as Rav of the Sunny Road Synagogue  until his untimely passing in 1999 at the tender age of 28. 

Rav Gav’s modus operandi was a Jew is a Jew wherever he might be found, and there is no such thing as a Jew who was beyond hope. In his eyes, "You never know until you try."   We strive to continue his holy work, by reaching out to our lost and broken brothers and sisters hoping to help  them to find their way home.

May his memory be a blessing to us all. 


Moshe Frankel

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Moshe Frankel has been working with at-risk youth for over 20 years. As a direct care counselor and crisis-intervention specialist, Moshe has first-hand experience helping teenagers overcome the complex challenges that they face while conducting educational, social and recreational programs. While providing advocacy, placement, counseling and rehabilitative services for Monsey’s teenage population as well as for participants from across the country Moshe has had tremendous success in helping Jewish youth reclaim their lives and transition into esteemed, healthy members of their communities.


Camp is always moving from one adventure to the next, whether it be caving, white water rafting or cliff jumping. Everyday we go on the road in anticipation for the adventurous activities that lie ahead.


Camping Caving
Speed Boating Rock Climbing
Zorbing Jet Skiing
Surfing Bungee Jumping
Scuba Diving Banquet


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Camp Gavriel, Summer 2012

Camp Gavriel, Summer 2012

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