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Gavz Boyz Summer Road Trip Gavz Boyz was our pilot program. Started in 2000, Gavz has shown how powerful a few short weeks can be. The summer is typically a time for youth to take a break and relax. To enjoy their freedom from the rigors of the academic year. For many however, it is a time when the hard work of the year can quickly be lost to the unrestricted freedoms of the summer. Over the years, we have seen too many teens getting into trouble in the summer months and no real options that appropriately addressed or appealed to their needs or interests. Traditional camps were passé and no longer interested them, and in truth many were no longer accepted there. Schools and programs were closed. We needed something that would pique their interests, that would truly be exciting, yet provide a structured therapeutic environment that they can truly thrive in. Gavz Boyz was born. Gavz Boyz is a road trip summer camp, constantly on the move, with no base and action packed activities. It provides a unique opportunity to engage youth in non-traditional methods that may not be appropriate in a school type setting. It appeals to their sense of adventure and with a handpicked carefully trained staff of counselors, we have been able to provide the structure, safety, and growth that has proven to be integral in the ongoing healthy development of our campers. In its unique way, Gavz Boyz Summer Road Trip has been, for so many, the first step on the road home. 

Forging long-lasting, meaningful relationships
Forging long-lasting, meaningful relationships
Inspiring and Uplifting Shabbosim
Inspiring and Uplifting Shabbosim
Overcoming fears and building confidence
Overcoming fears and building confidence

Gavz Adventures

Camp is always moving from one adventure to the next, whether it be caving, white water rafting or cliff jumping. Everyday we go on the road in anticipation for the adventurous activities that lie ahead. Our past adventures have included….

Speed Boating
Rock Climbing
Jet Skiing
Bungee Jumping
Scuba Diving
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